Making Time to Write

By Eilis Flynn

Time, not space, is the final frontier if many of us have any say about it. Time is the one thing that we seem to run out of, every single time (so to speak). Well, it’s the new year. We have new goals to work on, new achievements to achieve, new books to write. But – yes, that’s right – we’ve got to make TIME to write them. Here are some suggestions on doing so. Making the commitment, of course, is the first step:

After making that commitment, making plans for the writing is next. It’s important to be realistic about the length of time you have available to write, though. (Warning, those of the male sex: The website is BellaOnline, “the voice of women.” So get in touch with that feminine part of you before you check this out.)

Here are a few more ways to make time every day for your writing. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it can be done:

This self-titled “Queen of Procrastination” gives tips on how to make time to write (although that title probably has a few contenders):

Copyright 2007 Eilis Flynn