Updated cover of Riddle of Ryu

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Death did not end his service to the British Empire

Cover of Wear BlackBeneath Windsor Castle, a shadow network of immortals keeps the British Empire safe. Army captain Lucas Fitzrobbins becomes one of them when the cure for his mortal wound turns out to be a vampirism potion. He is abruptly inducted into the secret St. George Protector Society…and it’s not long before the Society’s newest recruit discovers it has dark mysteries as well…


Can you live without your computer? Can you wear a watch? Do you know anyone who can’t?

REISSUED 2016! In a time not long from now, there are people whose life paths are determined by such simple details. Legally recognized as electromagnetics, or “Readers”, they are a twist in evolution, an anomaly in a society that has become technologically dependent. Considered second-class citizens because of their heightened electromagnetic fields, Readers can’t wear watches, get too close to a TV, or even drive for fear they will shut down the car’s electrical system. Computers become worthless doorstops quickly around Readers. Career prospects are limited.


The Stars Have Always Been There For Her…

In Riddle of Ryu: For lonely UFO hunter Ginevra Kincaid, the stars have always been her friends. She’s always been sure she would one day have a close encounter of the third kind—until one strange night, she arrives at the site of a meteor crash and meets…an alien? He might be, or maybe not…he can’t remember anything about himself, except his name: Ryu. But he’s being pursued by men in black, who claim he’s not who she thinks he is.

Can Ryu and Ginevra escape the men in black, and recover Ryu’s memories as well? Go to Smashwords.comAmazon.com, or BN.com to find out more about this e-novella!

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The updated cover for Riddle of Ryu

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