Latest News

There will be updates here, specifically about the latest books:

Urban Fantasy

 • Static Shock

The Sonika World

• The Sonika Stories (includes)

                  Introducing Sonika

                  “Halloween for a Heroine” 

                  “Christmas in the Rain” 

• Dreaming Beauty

The St. George Protector Society (Historical Fantasy)

(with Heather Hiestand)

• Wear Black

• “Dancing in Red”

The Gates of Kurit (Fantasy)

• The Sleeper Awakes  (includes)

                  “Violet Falling Snow”

Contemporary Romance

• Festival of Stars


• The World Unnamed (previously Echoes of Passion)


• Riddle of Ryu

• His 30-Day Guarantee

Graphic Novella

• “30-Day Guarantee”


• She Nodded Her Head Up and Down in Agreement: 

How a Second Thought Can Help Your Book

• Ghosts Along the Silk Road…and Beyond (with Jacquie Rogers)

• Dragons Along the Silk Road…and Beyond (with Jacquie Rogers)

• Vampires and Zombies Along the Silk Road…and Beyond (with Jacquie Rogers)

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