Here’s what some reviewers have said about my books…

Kay James, Romance Reader at Heart Reviews

The Sleeper Awakes has it all. Adventure, romance and a host of intriguing characters make this book a Top Pick. I loved this story and I believe that others will, too. Eilis Flynn has a hit with The Sleeper Awakes, and anyone who believes that love can conquer all will want to read this book time and again.

Laurie Rozakis, author and educator

I read Festival of Stars, which I found to be excellent. You wove a tale with suspense, compelling characterization, and a real feeling for setting. I enjoyed it a great deal. Bravo!

John Lustig, Last Kiss Comics

If you like superheroes, steamy romance, action and a splash of humor, then Introducing Sonika is a heck of a fun read.

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