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Writing implements — what could be more basic? We’re here because we have stories to tell, stories to make permanent in one form or another. Whether you write ebooks or paper books, you need some way to make it appear. Throughout recorded history, and even before, we have had variations of how to set our heroes and heroines on paper — or even stone.
Here’s the history of writing implements and all the varieties thereof. Whether you’re a pencil gal or a ballpoint babe or a fountain pen Fanny, here’s a look at what you might want to try next. Or maybe not:
http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761568533 /Writing_Implements.html

If you write historicals, it might help you to make the words appear the way they used to, before we had typewriters and computers. Try some paper, the way it might have been made only a few hundred years ago! Or try writing with a wooden stylus, and appreciate the invention of the ballpoint pen!


Oh, who am I kidding? We need our computers! We are spoiled. Like it or not, most writers use a computer these days. Here’s a look at the top 10 best desktops for writers. See if yours is on the list:

http://freelancewrite.about.com/cs/productreviews/ tp/desktops.htm

And finally, for those who want a laptop but don’t need that much power, here’s one alternative, an AlphaSmart.


Now aren’t these better than using a piece of coal on a rock?

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